How to heal fracturing parties.

Lately we have seen a disturbing phenomenon within both of our major political parties: signs of significant fracturing. The Democrats are witnessing a factional fight between a strong “progressive” insurgency which first showed itself with Bernie Sanders’s upstart presidential campaign. It continues with his grass-roots “Revolution” movement and draws support from parts of the DNC apparatus and several members of Congress including Senator Elizabeth Warren.
The Republicans are facing an historic internal squabble between “Trumpism” and the traditional establishment core of the party. Since they are the governing party with control over both Houses of Congress and the White House, their battles are particularly visible.
It has been a long time since the American political system has been called upon to deal with such extensive rifting of established parties. If it continues, the public will question even more insistently whether something should be done to dampen our politicians’ tendencies toward intra- and inter-party squabbling and strengthen our system’s capacity to function coherently in the national interest.
The Public Check on Congress is an answer that should be investigated, modified as necessary, and presented to the public for their consideration. This website puts forward many of the arguments to justify that consideration. Today’s increasing incoherency raises the urgency and the stakes.
Feel free to contact me, Bill Bridgman, Founder of the Public Check on Congress project, on the Contact page of this website for further information.

A renewed sense of urgency …

Many paradigms have been shifted during the past several years in our understanding of how our political system is supposed to work. The presidential election of 2016 in particular generated a heightened sense of pessimism among many Americans that our system is not functioning appropriately. Unfortunately, rather than generating a “can do” spirit that manifests itself in an outpouring of determination to identify root causes of dysfunction and fix them, we see instead a general fatalistic sense that this is something we must continue to live with.
It is time for a renewed sense of urgency to perform one of the most fundamental tasks the Founding Fathers required of us when they established “we the people” as the sovereign authority of the American republic: to fix our system if it is not working properly.
One option we must consider for dealing with the dysfunction in Congress — a root cause of much else that is out of sync — is the Public Check on Congress collective accountability proposal outlined in this website.