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The Public Check on Congress 

A non-partisan proposal for a Constitutional amendment to align the actions of Congress with America’s national interests.

Biography of Bill Bridgman
Founder, The Public Check on Congress Project

Bill Bridgman - Founder: The Public Check on Congress After nearly 30 years in a successful corporate career, Bill Bridgman has been engaged in a variety of educational pursuits. For the past ten years he has been associated with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (professing economics to prospective MBAs) and Northwestern University (coordinator of lifelong learning study groups in such subjects as history, economics, international relations, contemporary culture, current events, and human motivation.) He has also provided leadership to both of these institutions and other non-profit organizations in curriculum development and strategic planning.  Over this time, he has also developed a keen interest in finding ways to improve our poorly functioning political system.

From 1970 – 1999, Bill held a wide range of analytical, managerial, and executive positions with Amoco Corporation. Much of this career was associated with worldwide exploration and production activities (40 countries) and corporate financial responsibilities. He retired as Business Group Chief Financial Officer.

Bill was educated in the public schools in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He attended Princeton University (A.B., economics), and Harvard Business School (MBA). He also holds a CPA. He has traveled extensively around the world both on business and for pleasure. His favorite mode of travel these days is “under his own steam”. He frequently is asked to present a travelogue of his latest bicycling or hiking adventure to groups on the North Shore of Chicago. Other interests include racquetball, skiing, golf, poker, and continuing to try to set a good example for his three grown sons.