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The Public Check on Congress 

A non-partisan proposal for a Constitutional amendment to align the actions of Congress with America’s national interests.

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It is imperative that we have a highly interactive conversation to get on the same best page for fixing our government.  I’ve put my idea forward after several decades of watching our government continue a downward performance spiral to the point where now it has become a significant part of the problem.

Among the many unfortunate aspects of that decline is that you and I, as members of the American citizenry responsible for Congress’s performance, can now no longer sit back and take things under advisement. Our country can no longer afford us that luxury.  Our challenge is to come up with solutions for fixing our government.  And, as you already know, we don’t have much time.

The blog section of this website is open for your input.  If you have something to pass along directly to me, you may do so by filling out the contact form below.

On behalf of your fellow Americans I thank you for your thoughtful input.

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