What Can You Do?

The Public Check on Congress 

A non-partisan proposal for a Constitutional amendment to align the actions of Congress with America’s national interests.

What Can You Do ?

Here are the first steps you can consider (also shown on the home page):

1.  Explore this website.  Contribute your views to the blog.  Describe how we can improve the proposal and sharpen the argument in support of it.  Review the reading list in the Additional Resources section of this website and check out any recommendations that sound appealing to you.

2.  Share these ideas with your friends and acquaintances.  Refer them to this website.  Remember, this is a non-partisan proposal, so you should feel free to engage those to the right of you and those to the left of you, as well as those directly in line with you – anyone who is ready to discuss rationally how we can improve our government.

3.  It is not too early to size up your Congressman or Congresswoman and your two Senators on this proposal.  They will be asking you for your vote.  Ask them in return for their support for PCC.  If they haven’t heard of it, refer them to this website and tell them to get back to you with confirmation of their support.

4.  Bring your favorite media on board.  Get your sources of news and commentary to join in the conversation.  Give them the link to this site.  Express your support.  Encourage them to express theirs.

5.  If you are able to support the PCC campaign financially, any amount will be welcome.  At this point, your contribution is not tax-deductible, but it will be put to excellent use.  Make your check payable to The Public Check on Congress and send it to:

The Public Check on Congress
7050 Arbor Lane  # 102
Northfield, IL  60093

If, with your contribution of $100.00 or more, you request the much-coveted PCC lapel pin, I will send you one to identify you as an early advocate of PCC.